What We Love About The Kinect

There’s a new video game product that has gained a lot of popularity since it debuted in 2010:  the Microsoft Kinect.  Compatible with Xbox360, the Kinect allows the user to become the controller with its innovative and hands-free sensor.  One thing’s for sure:  ColorTyme customers love it, and so do we! Here’s why:

- It’s fun for everyone.  Traditionally, video games are thought to be played by kids and teens, but the Kinect is easy to use and entertaining for people of any age.

- There are no buttons!  With just a wave of your hand, you can navigate menus and play games by motion control.

- It uses full-body movements where other gaming tools only use arm or finger movements.  In this way, using the Kinect promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

- You are the controller.  The system is highly interactive so that all you have to do is step in front of the sensor and it instantly recognizes you.  Every movement is tracked and you don’t need any prior experience or gaming knowledge.

- The sensor is incredible!  It accurately catches jumps, kicks and other motions without slowing down.

- The sensor can track up to six people, including two active players.  That means if you have a larger group, people can swap in and out of “active play” fairly seamlessly, and everyone can have a turn.

- There are so many games available for the Kinect, and more are being developed for release in the near future.  For a complete list of games and other accessories, please click here.

These are just a few things we love about the Microsoft Kinect.  Tell us what you love about it by commenting below!  Don’t forget to come into your hometown ColorTyme so you and your family can enjoy the Kinect gaming system in your own home.  Let the fun begin!

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